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Troubles involving your toilet shouldn’t be ignored. Seeing water on or around the base of the toilet could mean there is a larger problem afoot. When finding water on your bathroom floor, one of the first places you should look is around your toilet. Sometimes leaks occur at the base of the toilet as a result of the wax ring, around the flange, wearing away. This can occur over time but it could also mean there is a leak underneath the toilet. Water near the toilet isn’t the only sign there may be a leak, oftentimes it may be accompanied by discoloration on the floor. Water and dark rings near the base of the toilet need to be addressed. The plumbing technicians at Plumber Today are the toilet repair experts in Charlotte, NC.

Another sign you may be in need of a toilet repair in your Charlotte home isn’t something you can see, but rather something you hear. Hearing water continually running in the back of the tank tends to happen when water has found its way back into the bowl. Issues with water constantly running usually points to problems with the flapper within the tank of the toilet. Although this is a very common issue, it is not the only reason behind the leaking sounds. Seeing and hearing any of the potential signs of a leak is your cue to call up the professionals at My Plumber Today for your toilet repair needs. Leaks shouldn’t be left to grow into bigger problems. Give us a call today at the first sign of a toilet repair issue.

My Plumber Today has been serving the Charlotte area for nearly a decade, helping customers keep their toilets running properly and keeping leaks at bay. Through transparent pricing and excellent customer service, our team has gained a reputation for being the best toilet repair company in Charlotte. Here at Plumber Today we are so confident in our work that it is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. The Charlotte community has put their trust in us to get the job done right the first time, in a timely manner, at a price that fits your budget.

Toilet repair Charlotte services are necessary when dealing with leaks in your home. Plumber Today specializes in a variety of services to get your toilet up and running, properly, again.


Toilets with a leaky base may just need a simple flange repair. The flange is the part at the base of the toilet that is sealed with a wax ring. When the wax ring wears away, or there is a crack within the flange itself, it causes water to leak out of the bases. Replacing the flange and re-waxing the base will keep your floors dry.


As mentioned earlier, the sounds of water constantly running may indicate an issue with the flapper inside the tank of the toilet. Flapper issues are quick and easy to repair and can put that constant dripping to a stop.


Constant clogs in your toilet isn’t normal, and should definitely be looked into further. Clogs in the toilet may not just be from an obstruction at the surface, there may be a problem further down the pipeline. Plumber Today is trained in the latest techniques to discover the location of clogs and is equipped with the tools to remove the clog to get the water flowing the way it should. Once a clog is located and removed, the plumbing techs at Plumber Today will clean the drain to ensure clogs won’t occur again anytime soon.


Features within the tank of the toilet can sometimes break or become faulty; the flusher valve is one of those features. When the flusher valve breaks or comes undone, the toilet won’t flush, and that’s a problem for everyone. Plumber Today can replace or repair the flusher to get all systems back working efficiently.

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